ICE, the Infrastructure and Cloud research & test Environment, was inaugurated in January 2016. The facility is open to use primary for European projects, universities and companies. However, customers and partners from all over the world are welcome to use ICE for their testing and experiments.

The ICE mission is to contribute to Sweden being at the absolute forefront regarding competence in sustainable and efficient datacenter solutions, cloud applications and data analysis. This will be accomplished by increasing innovation capability, helping product and service companies excel, as well as attracting more researchers and companies to Sweden to make the business branch even stronger nationally.

The facilities

The current facilities are situated in an old storage facility located within walking distance of Luleå University of Technology. There are three different modules, open for testing and experiments, along with a demo space that can fit 50+ persons.

The first module, a stable environment optimized for testing of IT/cloud-related applications and big data handling, has been running since February 2016. Measurement data from equipment and sensors is collected for modeling, simulation and optimization. The server infrastructure of module 1 is based on Dell SmartEdge RX730xd and is enhanced with GPU acceleration. On top of that Openstack and Hadoop data storage are offered.

The second module is more flexible in its physical setup and is therefore optimal for testing of facility/utility innovations. It is fitted with quick couplings for power, water and network to enable easier exchange of equipment. The server infrastructure contains both Dell servers and Open Compute v2 servers.

Module 3, soon to be taken into use, consists of the following parts;

  • OCP lab
  • Solar panels
  • Extended battery pack
  • Thermal storage tank
  • Heat pump for heat re-use
  • Operation center

This module is specifically designed for testing of the datacenter as part of the utility/energy system.

The offer

The test facility offers access to a unique environment for testing, demos and experiments.

The ICE offer covers all parts of the stack;

  • Big data and machine learning – Computing capacity, platforms and tools for handling big data and machine learning
  • IT and cloud – testing and experiment environments for software development, scaling and infrastructure optimization
  • Facility and IT HW – possibilities for testing disruptive innovations concerning the facility and hardware of a datacenter
  • Utility – measurements and research securing a sustainable society with efficient datacenters as a part of the energy system

Projects and customers

SICS ICE has 60+ industry partners with interest from big data/cloud platforms all the way through the datacenter stack down to energy and buildings.

A number of publicly funded research projects are running their operations at ICE.
More about these projects can be read here…


The ICE facility is operated and owned by RISE SICS North, which is a subsidiary of the non-profit organization RISE SICS, which carries out advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, in close collaboration with Swedish and international industry and academia. The research creates cutting-edge technology, invigorating companies beyond their own R&D.