At the Open Compute regional summit 2019 Jon Summers presented “Building and Operating an OCP Data Center at Small Scale”.

It is well recognized that the OCP style of data center is both energy and resource efficient with many operational advantages over traditional data center arrangements. The presentation by Jon highlighted many aspects of the build and operation of a data center that is inspired by OCP, which uses OCP IT hardware. It touched upon the operational energy savings of using direct fresh air in a climate that has a very large range of temperatures from -30 degC to 25 degC and no centralized UPS all at a scale that would be suitable for containers.

The IT resources are operated and monitored using a complete suit of open source tools and environments all of which enables this presentation to run an interactive demonstration of the capabilities of open source on OCP IT hardware at the small scale. The presentation also introduced the research and development that RISE has undertaken with partners to create holistic thermal management control. The presentation was recorded and is on the OCP regional summit web page and was recognized on a slide by the OCP CTO.