European Commission granted the EUHubs4Data project with a number of partners from the BDVA I-Spaces group of DIHs. The total budget is 12,5 M€.In order to fully exploit the benefits that the different DIHs are bringing to the industry, one step beyond in the collaboration among those initiatives and towards a network of Big Data DIHs is necessary. In the report “Digital Innovation Hubs: Mainstreaming Digital Innovation across All Sectors”, the creation of a Europe-wide network of DIHs supporting any business at a “working distance” is seen as an ambitious but achievable objective. In this way, the EC is investing EUR 500 Million in the Horizon 2020 programme in initiatives for:

  • Networking and collaboration of digital competence centres and cluster partnerships
  • Supporting cross-border collaboration of innovative experimentation activities
  • Sharing of best practices and developing a catalogue of competences
  • Wide use of public procurement of innovations to improve efficiency and quality of public sector

EUHubs4Data project will contribute to this objective by linking and establishing collaboration among existing I-Spaces DIH initiatives in the domain of Big Data.