Scientists and engineers are already taking up the challenges from the new European Green Deal. The EU-funded WEDISTRICT project presented its approach during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid.

The beginning of a story often starts in an unpretentious place. A place like an undeveloped piece of land in the industrial park of Alcalá de Henares, 35 kilometres East of Madrid. Within the next 18 months, this area will be turned into a solar park and equipped with a modern biomass boiler. The aim is to use it to heat (or cool) a nearby building without using any fossil fuel.

“We want to demonstrate that it’s possible to have a 100% renewable system, in Alcalá, but also in other cities in Sweden, Poland and Romania.” Maria Cambronero is the coordinator of the WEDISTRICT project, an initiative funded by the European Commission to integrate different green technologies in district heating systems across Europe.

At each of the four test sites, different technologies are being trialled to play on the strengths of that particular area.