As part of my trip to Sweden to represent OCP at the “Datacenters Meet 5G at the Edge” workshop, organized with LTU and IMasons, I also wanted to see first-hand how RISE SICS North and their consortium partners were going about achieving such laudable efficiency aims for the project.

The Boden BTDCone research project, sponsored by the EU as part of the Horizon 2020 initiative, has seen a lot of data center industry press recently, as their stated goal is to construct and operate Open Compute Project(OCP) IT gear in the most cost and energy efficient data center in the world, with minimal environmental impact. This is being achieved by integrating adiabatic fresh (direct) air cooling, modular building design, and clean and high quality electricity supplied by renewable energy sources within an ideal environmental climate. The research is being carried out in partnership with the award-winning RISE SICS North, Sweden’s national research institute.

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