News in short


– ICE by RISE, Sweden’s best-kept secret, has new ideas up the sleeves.
– A video on “Excess heat from datacenter – the solution for food security?” was produced in the DC-Farming project
– The National Space Data Lab was presented at the Space Innovation Forum in Kiruna
– The project BalticLSC is set out to enable and offer large-scale computing for small and medium sized companies.
– DCA explains why the trade association supports a R&D project to build and manage the most efficient data centre in the world.
– The main questions of the challenges for Smart Cities and what the impact of 5G will be in the datacenter industry are explained.
– Two papers were presented in the special session on Future Datacenters at IEEE INDIN 2019
– Olle Lundberg, Comsys, visited us at RISE SICS North and he recorded a video in two parts from the guided tour in our facility.
– At the Open Compute regional summit 2019 Jon Summers presented “Building and Operating an OCP Data Center at Small Scale.

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