The project BalticLSC about large-scale computing, funded by the inter-regional funding program Interreg Baltic sea region, will have its kick-off in Warzaw Polen.

Total project is 2,4 MEuro over 3 years and starts in 2019. The project coordinator is Warsaw University of technology, Poland. Other partners are University of Latvia, EurA AG Germany
, Municipality of Vejle, Denmark, Lithuanian Innovation Center, LT, Business support organization
PP 7 Machine Technology Center Turku Finland and Tartu Science Park Foundation, Estonia.

The goal of the project is to significantly increase capacities to create new innovative data-intense and computation-intense products and services by a vast array of smaller actors in the Baltic Sea Region. The project will analyse and develop a universal and practical solution – the BalticLSC (Supercomputing) Environment: a hardware Platform and easy-to-use Software. It will assure energy efficiency, scalability, affordability, ease-of-use, and efficient distribution across the BSR.

The project will implement an initial network of BalticLSC centers that will facilitate building an active community of BalticLSC providers and users. Based on interactions and feedback from innovators, engineers and researchers from across the BSR, the project will work out a solution that is replicable, transferable and easy to disseminate.