Interreg Nord has granted a project called ArctiqDC, that is a Sweden – Finland arctic collaboration

With the support from Region Norrbotten and Vattenfall the partners RISE SICS North, LTU, Hushållningssällskapet, Hydro66, Älvsby municipality, Xarepo, Oulu university, Oulu Energy, SFTec, Oulu DC and Aurora DC have been granted a 12,5 MSEK project

The overall objective of the project is together in an Arctic border collaboration develop the regional datacenter industry of small and medium-size enterprises with products, services and establishment offerings.

The complementing competences in the Nordic regions are needed to achieve results. The Nordic regions all have datacenters as one of their strategic development areas with development of offerings and competence.

The unique arctic climate and the natural resource hydropower in the region is the competitive edge. For long-term sustainability the heat that is produced in datacenters need to be re-used efficiently in a closed loop. To efficiently operate and monitor applications, IT resources and datacenter facilities at distance automation and scalable solutions are needed as well.