The LTU project application “SONDER – Service Optimization of Novel Distributed Energy Regions” together with RISE and Acon was granted by the Swedish Energy Agency in the ERA-NET program.
The traditional electrical system is undergoing a transformation from centralized to a distributed infrastructure, which incorporates a larger amount of renewable energy resources.
The project deals with smart data centers that are at the center of a green micro-grid utilizing renewables, energy storage, thermal capacity and negotiating with other energy users in a micro-grid based on market incentives.The project targets datacenter operation with both grid power supply and renewable energy resources and operates in an energy market driven environment for the purpose of being an active participant in demand-response activities.
The Swedish project part will be conducted by a research group at LTU and RISE led by Professor Valeriy Vyatkin with support from the local industry and using the SICS ICE research data center in Luleå, Sweden. Four partners from Austria and Switzerland respectively is also part of the project consortium.