Make the datacenter run for 5 years without touching it

During the last week, December 10-12, the partners in the AUTODC project (autonomous datacenters) met in Helsinki for a 2-day workshop and a review. The project is in the EUREKA program ITEA3 funded by Vinnova Sweden, Business Finland and NSF Canada.

An autonomous datacenter should be able to, without any human intervention, from a best effort perspective continue its operation independent of contextual interference, such as intermittent power failure, failing components, overheating etc.

The project is set out to develop technology enablers and demonstrations. The aim is that the enablers can be used to operate smaller datacenters 10-100 kW being it edge or remote with zero touch. The basic idea is to install a node, leave it and exchange the whole node at end of life.

For this a design concept of a distributed network of nodes and the robust nodes themselves needs to be in place. Software to balance load and orchestrate an edge cloud is assumed to exist. The project will research and develop new innovations in the areas of design for no maintenance, redundancy for robustness, monitoring for holistic overview, machine learning for modelling and control for optimisation and zero-touch operations.

The partners in the project are Ericsson, RISE, Swegon, Swedish Modules, ITRS, Comsys, Hi5, Clavister, Lund university, KTH, Luleå university, Granlund, Orbis, KWSet, Aalto university, MLT, Mariner and St. Mary’s university.

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