Last week we opened the doors to ICE and showed all parts of the facility and all the projects we do together with LTU and company partners.

We have two running datacenter modules with 400+ servers. We are installing a third module with 500+ servers focusing on OCP. We have a wind tunnel for IT racks and are installing a small micro grid with controller, solar panels and battery storage and a cooling grid with liquid storage together with a small container datacenter with 2 racks. We also have built our first liquid cooling experiment. In our cold room we also can do environmental experiments like our chimney datacenter.

The projects are for example on holistic automation, new airflow technics, datacenter micro-grid integration, liquid cooling, heat re-use in greenhouses and biomass drying, tensorflow and hadoop as a service and testing of direct air cooling for high density IT. We also drive an innovation competition project and a national cluster initiative for the industry.

The team together with our LTU research friends described all this during the day. We also had a lot of pizza and “Old man” sweets.