How much greenhouse space can one data center heat? And how much CO2 emissions can we mitigate by using this heat instead of burning peat? Well, this is one of 3 scenarios that have been visualized in the project DCfarming that will be presented on the next workshop – showing a medium scale datacenter of 1MW than can heat 3000 sqm of farming saving the farm about 2300tons of CO2-emissions.

Did you know that if All the data centers in the region of Norrbotten added a greenhouse – they could heat about 100 000 sqm of greenhouses for year round production! That is a lot of food! And lots of saved CO-emissions!

Want to be a DC-farmer? Join a workshop 3 Dec in Luleå.

Last months we have met large datacenter operators and breweries with a lot of waste heat that could heat greenhouses and produce food year around. On the image you can see one of three scenarios of potential greenhouses that could save 2300 CO2 equivalents in emissions to heat the greenhouse.