Machine learning methods for data center infrastructure management

A new master thesis project is started with Kim Albertsson. He focuses on explorative data analysis and studies of machine learning methods for ana lysis of measurement and operational data from the first module. The purpose is to…

15 May, 2016
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Stochastic Model Predictive Control for data centers – A ongoing master thesis project

Stochastic Model Predictive Control for data centers is thesis project using SICS ICE with LTU student Jesper Ohlsson with the supervisors Riccardo Lucchese, Jonas Gustafsson and Damiano Varagnolo. Operating effectively the servers’ cooling fans and the CRAC’s reference…

11 May, 2016
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Newsletter 1 – 2016 – SICS North Swedish ICT

The first pilot room-in-room module is up and running with 3600 cores, 4 TB RAM and up to 7 petabyte of hard disk. Swedish Minister of Research Helene Hellmark-Knutsson inaugurated SICS North Swedish ICT research institute and the…

25 April, 2016
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A holistic approach on automation in data centers – a new EUREKA project

Vinnova has decided to fund a large project at SICS North Swedish ICT, focusing on cross-layer automation and monitoring in data centers. The project will take a holistic approach on automation of control, management and orchestration across the…

22 April, 2016
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A great inauguration on Friday with 100+ guests!

We had a fantastic inauguration last Friday with many guests. The Swedish minister of research and higher education Helene Hellmark-Knutsson, with the help of Niklas Nordström, opened the research center by turning the power break to ON. See…

11 April, 2016
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We are ready for inauguration tomorrow!

Tomorrow Swedish minister of higher education and research Helene Hallmark-Knutsson will visit us and inaugurate the research institute SICS North Swedish ICT AB and our research datacenter. We start with a light lunch and then at 13.00 we…

7 April, 2016
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The Green Grid Forum 2016 March 8-9 in Seattlr

The Green Grid Forum 2016 bring together data center practitioners, C-level executives and government policymakers from across the information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem for industry-leading conversations that shape effective, accountable resource efficiency. More than 25 thought-provoking sessions…

8 March, 2016
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Yet another project on board: Discovering concepts from big data

Theodoros Vasiloudis will use SICS-ICE for work with Daniel Gillblad and Olof Gornerup, all at SICS Kista. The idea is to use graph processing techniques to create graphs where similar objects are tightly connected, and discover groups of…

23 February, 2016
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Master thesis about Stochastic Model Predictive Control for data centers

The first master thesis project is started using the research facility. Damiano Varagnolo associate professor at LTU is supervisor and the student is Jesper Olsson. The thesis focuses on how to increase data centers’ efficiency through the joint…

22 February, 2016
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The two first projects are now up and running in our datacenter in Luleå.

The two first projects are now up and running in our datacenter in Luleå. It is the computing science research group at Umeå university that will do some experiments. Ahmed Aley says the headline of the experiments is…

19 February, 2016
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