Data Center activities in North Sweden – a brochure

Making data centers sustainable and energy efficient. North Sweden isn’t just a place of excellent operational condi- tions for data centers, like it has been shown by the successful Node Pole region. It is also a place for…

13 January, 2016
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SICS North Swedish ICT Newsletter 4 – 2015

News in short The first phase 1 room-in-room module is erected and fully equipped with all supply system equipment. A supplier for the IT equipment is selected and detailed information will soon be press released. The performance of…

11 January, 2016
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SICS ICE – A case for a student competition

On Thursday December 10th “Innovationsfabriken”, the Innovation factory, a student competition at Luleå university of technology will have SICE ICE as a case. The challenge for the student teams is to come upp with how a visit to…

8 December, 2015
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The future for sustainable and energy efficient datacenters

SICS and Luleå University of Technology have worked on a couple of research visions/challenges addressing the full datacenter stack: – Scalable Cloud in a Web of Datacenters for IoT, AI and 5G High performance compute, storage and networking…

18 November, 2015
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Power installation ongoing in the SICS ICE room-in-room module

The power is currently installed in the SICS ICE room-in-room module. Goodtech engineering is a sub-contractor to Data Center Technology. Riello UPS, SEE Cooling chillers and Schleifenbauer PDUs are the equipment to be installed. The walls from PriorIT…

6 November, 2015
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Visit to Fortlax today

Today the North Sweden datacenter initiative visited Fortlax I and II. The image is from the new Fortlax II built by Enaco. Fortlax CEO Anders Berglund showed us around. There is a lot of storytelling from the two…

5 November, 2015
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Results from SICS ICE Datacenter Workshop Oct 7

Agenda SICS ICE status presentation and description of the phase 1 content. 30 min Brainstorming on prioritized measurement equipment, tools and infrastructure and what projects to do first in the facility. 30min Discussion in whole group. 60min  …

26 October, 2015
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The room-in-room module from DCT is coming up

Visited the site of our soon-to-be test & research datacenter. The room-in-room module is coming up bit by bit. Datacenter Technology AB together with partners are doing a great job so far.

22 October, 2015
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