ICE by RISE: A playground for data centre research

Jon Summers of RISE ICE describes the exciting potential of a data centre where researchers can let their imaginations run wild in an article in Techerati. n the far north of Sweden, scientists have built a facility to…

10 February, 2020
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Novel data centre enters the spotlight thanks to its energy- and cost-saving concept

An EU-funded prototype ICT service facility in Sweden was honoured for efforts to lower its environmental impact.  

29 January, 2020
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German magazine Datacenter Insider writes about our AUTODC project

Companies from Finland, Sweden and Canada initiate AutoDC Testing, research, trying out for the autonomous data center As far as possible, autonomous data centers should be able to continue operating without human intervention and regardless of context-related faults…

17 January, 2020
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The latest newsletter 2019-Q4 from the RISE ICE datacenter

The latest newsletter 2019-Q4 from the RISE ICE datacenter with news about our research and innovation activities is here. News in short – We won DCD Global Award 2019 – Nonprofit Industry Initiative of the Year with partners –…

15 January, 2020
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Make the datacenter run for 5 years without touching it

During the last week, December 10-12, the partners in the AUTODC project (autonomous datacenters) met in Helsinki for a 2-day workshop and a review. The project is in the EUREKA program ITEA3 funded by Vinnova Sweden, Business Finland…

20 December, 2019
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Visibility for higher impact

We have been very active at different events lately to increase our impact of our work in the datacenter industry. November 13-14 Data Centre World 2019 was organized in Frankfurt. One session with Jon Summers as participant was called…

20 December, 2019
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Europe’s Man on the Moon – the WEDISTRICT project

Scientists and engineers are already taking up the challenges from the new European Green Deal. The EU-funded WEDISTRICT project presented its approach during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid. The beginning of a story often starts…

17 December, 2019
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We won DCD Global Award 2019 – Nonprofit Industry Initiative of the Year

We won DCD Global Award 2019 – Nonprofit Industry Initiative of the Year Winner: Boden Type DC In collaboration with EcoCooling, H1 Systems, Fraunhofer, RISE & Boden Business Agency This award is about recognizing the great initiatives to…

6 December, 2019
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Field Report from a Visit to the Horizon 2020 BTDCOne facility in Sweden

As part of my trip to Sweden to represent OCP at the “Datacenters Meet 5G at the Edge” workshop, organized with LTU and IMasons, I also wanted to see first-hand how RISE SICS North and their consortium partners…

26 November, 2019
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How much greenhouse space can one data center heat?

How much greenhouse space can one data center heat? And how much CO2 emissions can we mitigate by using this heat instead of burning peat? Well, this is one of 3 scenarios that have been visualized in the…

18 November, 2019
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