We had a successful review and closing event for the #Celticnext #SENDATE #EXTEND project

Our first larger project that sparked the development of our research and test datacenter called ICE has come to an end. Together with the partners #Ericsson #ABB #Swegon #KTH #LTU #Metria #Eitech #Arctoslabs #Netrounds #BnearIT we had a…

29 March, 2019
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Data Centre World: Researchers pilot energy efficient design with Boden Type Data Centre

Speaking at Data Centre World, Jon Summers, research lead at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), said that there are important lessons to learn in order to future proof smaller data centres, which are expected to show growth…

25 March, 2019
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We have received a positive funding decision from Energiforsk for our project Virtual heating plants

Today’s district heating is challenged in its competitiveness, especially of technology developments in heat pumps and energy storage combined with long-term low electricity price levels. However, the increased need for storage and processing of massive amounts of data…

17 March, 2019
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Data Centre World London 2019 was larger than ever

This year event was expanded compared to previous years. It is now also co-located with Cloud expo, Devops live, Smart IoT, Big data & AI World etc. We did two presentations at the event in Excel London the…

17 March, 2019
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Inauguration of the Boden Type Data Center One

The Boden Type Data Center One, BTDC, was officially inaugurated on Februray 7, 2019 in Boden, Sweden. The Mayor of Boden, Mr. Claes Nordmark as well as the CEO of Boden Business Agency Mr. Erik Svensson delivered the…

11 February, 2019
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Invitation to the Course:  Introduction to Data Centers

Now there is the opportunity for you who want to know more in the area of data centers to attend a course in the field. Take this opportunity to learn more about data centers and energy efficiency in data centers. …

5 February, 2019
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Boden Type DC approved by Swedish local authorities

Boden Type DC approved by Swedeish local authorities We are pleased to announce the BodenTypeDC One facility has been officially approved for operation by Swedish local authorities. The approval is a significant milestone for the project, which aims…

4 February, 2019
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Locally produced vegetables with heat from datacenters

Can waste heat from data centers be used for vegetable growing? Researchers at RISE data center ICE in Luleå will find out. The goal is to be able to increase local food production and to establish sustainable organic…

21 January, 2019
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Inauguration of a unique edge test datacenter

RISE SICS North inaugurated an upgrade of the research datacenter in Luleå, making the facility one of a kind in the world. This is the first time, a test facility combines an edge module, a micro grid for…

18 January, 2019
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Welcome to the inauguration of  RISE SICS North 5G Edge datacenter + Micro grid test facility

Welcome to the inauguration of  RISE SICS North 5G Edge datacenter + Micro grid (power & cooling) test- & demo-facility Thursday January 17th the Governor of North Sweden Björn O Nilsson will come to the research institute RISE in Luleå…

10 January, 2019
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