Jon Summers is new Adjunct Professor of Fluid Mechanics at LTU

Jon Summers began his academic career in applied mathematics, but then switched to cooling processes for digital infrastructure. After 25 years at the same university, he decided to move to Sweden. Jon Summers is scientific leader at the…

12 November, 2018
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Infrastructure Mason Nordic chapter was inaugurated at RISE SICS North

On Friday November 9th RISE SICS North was honoured by a visit from executive director Jeff Omelchuck from IMason. Jeff is responsible for overall strategy and execution to meet iMason’s mission, planning, budget and financial management. Jeff came…

9 November, 2018
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Our pre-study project on Datacenter robustness and availability was approved by Vinnova

Vinnova announced the approved projects in their calls dealing with Digital security and robustness. Our pre-study project on Datacenter robustness and availability was one of them. The projectcalled TILLIT is a feasibility study with the goal to…

1 November, 2018
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RISE SICS North Newsletter 2018-3 is out

News in short Work on a Swedish datacenter industry association organization, nominating committee and bylaws have been done during the period. We organized a two-day workshop with the datacenter industry and the European large research infrastructures CERN, SKA,…

1 November, 2018
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How many ways can you model a datacenter?

How many ways can you model a datacenter? At the IEEE IECON conference October 21-23 in Washington DC a team of researchers from RISE SICS North and LTU were presenting a number of papers from research done during…

28 October, 2018
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OCP Regional Summit came to Amsterdam October 1-2

The first annual 2018 Open Compute Project (OCP) Regional Summit will be held October 1 – 2 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. We did a presentation at one of the tracks. The OCP…

14 October, 2018
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CERN, EISCAT, SKA and Esrange Space Centre together with the Swedish datacenter cluster visited Luleå

Representatives from CERN, EISCAT, SKA and the Esrange Space Center gathered in Luleå for two days to show business opportunities for the datacenter industry and, together with researchers, discuss developments in the area. Big Science Sweden, Luleå University…

9 October, 2018
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We just released snapshots in our Experimental Compute Cloud (ECC)

You can now backup the data on your ECC volumes by taking point-in-time snapshots. Each snapshot contains all of the information needed to restore your data (from the moment when the snapshot was taken) to a new ECC…

28 September, 2018
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Successful collaboration with and service to a talented and interesting start-up

RISE SICS North is currently working with Edgetic Ltd., a Leeds based start-up. Edgetic is a spin-out technology company from the University of Leeds in the UK. Edgetic is using the ICE data center with the facility’s testing…

29 August, 2018
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We have released GPU servers in our Experimental Compute Cloud (ECC)

We have released the possibility to book Supermicro GPU servers in our Experimental Compute Cloud (ECC). You just need to go to our webshop, get a user account and book a Supermicro GPU server per hour. If you…

25 August, 2018
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