The possibilities of testing your new disruptive technologies for datacenter facilities are naturally limited in an ordinary datacenter. At ICE you can test your innovations in a risk-free environment with the added service of being able to measure hundreds of environmental factors you normally do not know anything about. In addition, you have a scientist team at hand, ready to help you interpret the outcome of your testing.

Making the worlds smallest computer? Measure all important aspects for energy efficient computing and base your development on actual facts from a full-scale datacenter.

Disruptive ideas concerning IT infrastructure? Our test bed enables risk-free testing in all stages for your products.

We help create a seamless path from innovation to release.

Example projects are

  • Comparison of different cooling solutions
  • Measurement of hardware wear depending on load
  • Testing of new disruptive IT-architecture
  • Datacenter automation testing
  • Airflow testing for different set-ups
  • Comparing simulations and real-life tests

The environmental setup we provide for this type of testing is a spacious and flexible pod with quick couplings for all infrastructures, creating a unique flexibility for facility testing. The pod contains for example

  • Floor solution to be able to switch between raised floor and slab
  • Possibility to switch between liquid and free air cooling
  • Easily reached IT infrastructure
  • Possibility to exchange IT racks traditional and OCP


  • General

    Three modules rated power 240 kW
    PriorIT System 42 modular room-in-room
    400 servers in 20 racks total in modules 1 and 2
    Total 4000 cores, 40TB RAM, Up to 10PB storage
    High-end Dell PowerEdge R730xd


    Low-end Dell PowerEdge R530 & R430
    Separate management network
    480 Open Compute Windmill servers in third module
    Heat energy meter Kamstrup Multical 6M2
    Raritan environmental monitoring


    Bergvik raised floor in module 2
    Condair air humidifier
    Zabbix data collection software
    10 GB collected per day from each module

  • Switches

    Dell S4048 Top of Rack (ToR) switch 10Gb
    Dell S6000 spine switch 40Gb

  • Cooling

    SEE HDZ /EcoCooling ECT 10800

  • Racks

    OCP triple-rack v1

  • PDUs

    Schleifenbauer hPDU

  • GPU

    Nvidia GT1080, Infiniband switch

  • UPS

    Riello modular MultiPower MPW