As a part of creating a sustainable society, we offer unique possibilities to test your concept for a cyclic energy system, being able to test different setups and measure the quality of in- and outgoing resources to optimize the system.

Example projects are

  • The datacenter as in integrated part of the energy system
  • Power quality effects on the datacenter operation
  • Waste heat reuse in industry application e.g. wood drying, pre-heating
  • Datacenter as a micro-grid
  • District heating and datacenter operation

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The incoming infrastructure setup and specifications look as follows:


  • Infrastructure setup

    Power: 84 kW per module. Total 240 kW
    Backup: UPS power 19 minutes at full load
    Water supply: regular local water utility
    1Gb primary internet connectivity, with possibility to scale up to 10 Gb or higher

  • The internal utility infrastructure

    Solar panel system 10 kW
    Energy storage 4,2 kW
    Cooling water storage
    Power switch board to connect to local utility