RISE Research Institutes of Sweden joins the Swedish Data Center Industry Association

The Swedish Data Center Industry association welcomes RISE as a Business member!

RISE ICE is the leading datacenter research facility in Europe. “It is great that RISE contribute to Sweden being at the absolute forefront regarding competence in sustainable and efficient datacenter solutions, cloud applications and data analysis. They accomplish by increasing innovation capability, helping product and service companies excel, as well as attracting more researchers and companies to Sweden to make the business branch even stronger nationally” Gustav Bergquist, chairman of the Swedish Data Center Industry Association

“Testing in a flexible full-scale datacenter – without having to invest. With access to massive amounts of research data. Add a stand-by team of world-leading scientists at your disposal, contributing to your innovation. That is RISE ICE Datacenter.” Tor Björn Minde, Lab director at RISE ICE Datacenter