July 23-25 we went to Helsinki for the IEEE INDIN, International Conference on Industrial Informatics, 2019. The conference was organised at the beautiful campus of Aalto university. The main tracks covered industrial automation applications with an overall topic of artificial intelligence.

A special session on Future Datacenters was organised with 8 papers accepted. There were papers on software controlled facility automation (Univ. Binghamton), liquid cooling and cold plates (Univ. Binghamton), neural networks in control of temperatures (NTT) and performance (Ericsson), hybrid AC/DC power distribution (Univ. Binghamton) and anomali detection (LTU).

We had two papers to present “Integrated thermal management of a 150kW pilot Open Compute Project style data center” and “Digital Twin for Tuning of Server Fan Controllers”. Sebastian Fredriksson presented our academic work on thermal management in our H2020 BTDC project. Rickard Brännvall presented our work on modelling server fan control using hybrid physical and machine learning methods.

This was a demonstration of our approach to combine industrial development, large-scale test datacenter operations and theoretical and scientific studies.