We received this email just before the summer vacations:

“- I have reviewed the ICE by RISE website https://ice.sics.se and it gives quite a comprehensive overview of the research that you are conducting and the excellent opportunities that are available. Although I am in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and we have just had the Swedish Royal State visit accompanied with Business Sweden, I wasn’t aware of your institute’s activities. So, you are one of Sweden’s best kept secrets. We tend to think of Lulea and Facebook. The combination of academia and commercial participation in this data centre domain, in an open access environment is very innovative.”

How can that be?

ICE by RISE team at Brändö conference center

We are making a difference with projects like the phD program Cloudberry with Luleå university, the H2020 project BTDC with EU partners, the largest GPU cluster in Sweden, the open facility test lab and many other projects.

We are looking forward to our next moves. It will surprise the world of datacenters even more. We have a strong young team with many ideas, innovations and projects up the sleeves.

Welcome back to a new semester with ICE by RISE.