Welcome to Open House!

March 15th 10-15, the doors are open to the research datacenter SICS ICE!

All interested companies and organisations are welcome.

We will show you around and tell about all our exciting projects. Big data/AI, automation, micro-grids, chimneys, liquid cooling…

Snack and a light lunch will be served.

Current Demo and presentation stations planned
– ICE Module 1 for data intensive cloud
– SICS ICE Experimental Compute Cloud
– ICE Module 2 for facility experiments
– Regional datacenter innovation – FUI project (LTU)
– Datacenter management using Open source tools
– ABB Ability for datacenter automation
– Holistic automation – SENDATE EXTEND project
– GPU accelerated Hadoop cluster for tensorflow – HOPS project
– Data-driven lab on ICE – D-ICE project
– Chimney racks – DRAFT project
– Green house heat re-use – GreenPower project (LTU)
– Biomass drying heat re-use – DC2BD project
– Immersed liquid cooling – student project (LTU)
– Datacenter micro-grid integration – DMI project
– Wind tunnel for IT racks
– ICE Module 3 for OCP testing